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How To Start Video Content On Facebook And Get Paid In Nigeria [100% Solution]

Prince Marcus

Facebook video creation cover

This post reveals everything you need to know about How To Start Video Content On Facebook And Get Paid In Nigeria [100% Solution]

Content Creation has become one of the best paying business model for social media users in the 21st century.

Amongst Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook happens to be the most used tool that pays on each video content that you create.

In this article, I am writing out a complete guide on how to start video content on facebook and get paid in Nigeria. So read in lines.

Let’s start by defining content creation for Facebook and it’s real meaning.


This involves the process of planning, acting, recording, editing, merging and posting videos on Facebook for followers or viewers interest.

It could be any kind of video but as a starter who wants to make money on Facebook you must choose a particular style or concept of videos you will be doing and that term is known as Niche.


There are over 20 Facebook Video Niches but in order to become a successful content creator you need just one niche to focus on.


  • Okay, let’s say you’re someone who often likes gisting on celebrity affairs or gossiping in real life, the first niche you should consider is “Entertainment“. An extrovert, probably someone who likes going out to party, hangout, events can run this n!che successfully.
  • As someone who loves talking about football, this should tell you that your best niche is “Sport“.
  • If you’re good at advising people about relationships, knowing the in and out of dating, flirt or giving tips on marriage, this means that you’ll choose “Relationship” as your niche.
  • As a nursing mother, nanny or house wife with kids looking for ways to make money online from home with Facebook, I will suggest “Children Video” is what actually suit you.
  • Food-niche” is the best for someone with passion for cooking.
  • Comedy” which appears as most-viewed-niche on Facebook is for anybody who can make jokes, pranks and any kind of fun stuffs that triggers audience to laugh.

However, with all the mentioned niches above, I’m sure that you have a choice or let’s say a category your ideal content falls under, so what’s stopping you from earning from Facebook video you post?.

While the vast majority of Nigerians turned their attentions to content creation and making money with Facebook pages through videos they publish, there’s this ideology that the video creators with 99% clarity, great sound production and meaningful scripts tends to get the larger numbers of views on the platform which are also the highest paying Facebook videos. So where I am heading to is this; before embarking on video creation business, think of acquiring tools, materials or equipment to use in order for you to obtain quality videos and pictures.


  1. iPhone or Video Cam
  2. Ring Light
  3. Laptop or Smartphone
  4. Wireless Mic
  5. Tripod Stand
  6. Generator
  7. Sound Effects (optional).

Wait, Let me explain why these tools are necessary and how much you can afford them.

Iphones for creation

IPHONE OR VIDEO CAMERA: will help you achieve high definition video and pictures when filming or taking shots. Any of these equipment could sell for N80K, N170K to 800K naira.

Ring light

RING LIGHT: is an important tool in aspect of Facebook content creation because it will brighten the environment where you’re producing the video content (incase it’s a dark room or where sunlight is not presence). Your budget for this device is between N15k to N45K.

Laptop for creation

LAPTOP OR SMARTPHONE: Computer system would not only aid easy editing of your video, another reason content creators opt for it is because the device can process a lengthy video editing without dragging, merge easily and export faster than phone. Also, PC has a larger memory space (expandable disk drive) to store files, edited videos or drafts without having to worry about storage. In other hand, Smartphone (Android or iOS) with great Random Access Memory like 4GB RAM can do the work. Personal computers are available for N65k, N85k, N120k and above.


WIRELESS MIC: This particular video making kit (microphone without wire) is used for sound accuracy of the video you’re recording during content making. Creators connect it with video recording devices for their voice to be loud, clear and heard by audience. Budget atleast N15k to acquire this gadget.

Tripod stand

TRIPOD STAND: helps in holding up your phone or the camera you’ll be using for recording videos during content creation for Facebook. The cost of getting tripods ranges from N3k, N8k to N20k.


GENERATOR: Very crucial, because Nigeria NEPA could be disappointing anytime, so do not rely on them. You need a genérator as a Facebook video creator or stay in an area where there is constant power supply or at least 18 hours light to stay updated with latest in your industry, keep your content creation business fresh and running. You can buy generator at the cost of N70k, N160k, N200k, depending on the size.

Comedy sounds effects

SOUNDS & EFFECTS: Especially comedians or skit makers need it the most to inject into their videos to make it sound more funny and entertaining. (You can download free audio sound effects on Google), However, they’re also premium sounds in online market places just incase you don’t fancy free things.

Good, now that you have gotten all these things in place and also identified your niché, it’s time to start video content creation business and get paid on Facebook as a Nigerian.


Remember that; your target was to make money with Facebook app, so in that case, it's a must to grab all opportunities surrounding the platform and ensuring that Facebook earn you that dream money. The steps by steps arrangement I'm giving you here are exact ways popular skit-makers, singers or every creatives followed and today they're all multi millionaires. So earning income with Facebook is quite easy when you are done establishing your brand. 


  1. Get a Facebook Page
  2. Build your Fanbase
  3. Monetize Your Page
  4. Update Page Regularly
  5. Avoid Copyright Content
  6. Estimate Earnings
  7. Withdraw Your Money


To clear your doubt, i am going to break it down bit by bit with examples and tips so that you would understand how it works;


As a starter, Facebook page with atleast 5,000 followers or more is required. You can get this by gradually growing your page but if you want it fast, I will suggest that you buy a fresh page that has already been made with followership. for buying of fb pages, you can contact Galant Media, check the end of this post for contact details.


Step2. BUILD YOUR FANBASE: Update your fans (followers) a bit at least some days time before monetizing the page. Upload, cover, profile and video of yourself on the page for social validation.


⚠️ NOTE: do not post anything that is not yours, even the song included in the video you made, if it's not yours, don't publish it on the page, its copyright! and Facebook team would Strike you against getting paid. Avoid sound or visual that is not created by you, else you'll suffer "Facebook Content Monetization Policy Issues" for 3 - 6 months time. 


Step3. MONETIZE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE: This is a must do thing in the business so that Facebook will pay you per video you upload as a Nigerian. If you skip Facebook monetization stage you can’t be paid by Facebook for video content. So, all you need to do is to first qualify to start earning money from Facebook page.



  1. Have 5K followers upward.
  2. Upload 5 videos on the page (your own) if copied, edit them before publishing).
  3. Go live for 1hour.
  4. Complete 60K Watch Minutes for In-Stream Ads: this could be a bit tasking to achieve quickly, instead of waiting for it 60,000 minutes to come organically which may delay to come, contact Nigerian Blogger Prince Marcus, check the end of this post for contact details. He will give you 60,000 Facebook watch mins in 24hours.
  5. Must Live in or look for an agent in Eligible country *: the mistake people make is that, some Nigerians who feels good thing happens overnight would not even wait to get this agent, due to desperation, they would apply for monetization by entering their personal details and bank account into into the monetization-form, but the fact is that Nigeria is not a valid country and it can’t work, even if you try, your page is going to be restricted later and the action is irreversible.
    • So what should You do? Since searching for trusted agent or admin in foreign could be difficult, Remember that handing over your page to just anybody in those countries is risky, they may steal your page and money when Facebook starts paying you for your videos and you loss everything. So I will advise you to contact (Galant Media) one of the well-known and accredited agent for proper monetization of your page through their team in the United Kingdom (UK). Before messaging them on WhatsApp, kindly take into consideration that it’s either a paid service or percentage base business.

Some frequently asked questions;


Yes, but only if you have an admin in eligible-country. To monetize your Facebook page in Nigeria, Contact Prince Marcus (Galant Media), they will Monetize your page using eligible country agent. check the end of this post for contact details.


Ofcourse yes, every content creators including celebrities like Sabinus, Brain Jotter, Mc Mbakara, Untouchable Comedy, Broda Shaggi and others all have Admin/agent they partner in eligible country to get their page monetized.


Eligible country for facebook monetization includes:- United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia. If you have a friend, relative or an agent in any of these place that understands the system of monetization, you can ask them for a favour, but at your own risk. we are not liable for any loss or damage of your page.

How Much Does Facebook Charge To Monetize Page, Who Is To Pay?

Facebook doesn’t charge a dime to monetize your page, you only need to sign an agreement to give out some percentage or offer a one time service payment to the person who will help you monetize your Facebook page for you.

Step4: UPDATE PAGE REGULARLY: It’s mandatory to post at least 1 video a day or three times a week on your Facebook business page so that your audience would keep coming back to the págé. Understand that the more video views you have the more the money Facebook pay you.


How Much Does Facebook Pay Per View In Nigeria?

Facebook is paying ₦8 naira for each video view. Though it vary depending on RPM and CPC. In most cases, Nigeria comedians, skit-makérs and Content creators earn $2 to $8 dollars per 1k views on Facebook video. However, you will make much money on Facebook if your viewers comes from tier one countries like USA or Europe.

Step5: AVOID COPYRIGHT CONTENTS: Content Creation on Facebook is business, if you are unable to create your own videos, kindly quit or hire a script writer to do the job for you. Copying others people’s videos and posting them on your pagé is fraud, even if give credits to original owner. That is completely illegal. Meta company want you to do your own video before they can accept you into their monetization and earning program.

Stop playing 😂 You gotta work ur aaasss off to get paid ogbeni 🙄 no short cut to success!!

Step6: ESTIMATE YOUR EARNINGS ON FACEBOOK: this involves checking how much you’ve made on Facebook after it was approved to earn money. Get something like a target you set for yourself if you want to become one of the richest video content creator in Nigeria.

When will Facebook pay me after monetizing my page and how do I Withdraw the Money?

Meta business, Facebook will send the money into your payout account number on 21st of every month, there you’ll be able to cash out on Facebook.

How Do I Know If My Page Is Qualify For Monetization?

  1. Login your Facebook account, goto menu and click on Pages »
    • Select the page you want to monetize (Switch). Make sure you have full access to page so that the ‘switch option’ would come out for you.
      • After switching into the page, go through the menu and press “Professional Dashboard” and scroll down to where you see ‘Monetization‘ ( if you are eligible, explore ways to earn money on Facebook).
        • Click on Monetization
Facebook app Monetization screenshot

WARNING ⚠️: The monétization option is not available on Facebook Lite, ensure you’re using main Facebook App for this experiment or Google chrome (browser).

I will use the screenshots below to illustrate exactly whether you are eligible to make money on Facebook page as a content creator or not.

Facebook In-stream Ads Eligibility

After you might have clicked on “MONETIZÁTION” you will proceed to click on ‘In-stream áds‘ to see how far you’ve gone with your page, the (requirements) you’ve already met and the ones you are yet to get.

Facebook in-stream dashboard screenshot

The picture you see above shows that this page have met just 3 conditions out of 5. *You reside in eligible country is missing, also, the 60K-watch-mins is not complete, the páge currently has only 22,047 but it must reach 60,000 before the owner of the pagé can monetize it.

This other photo attached below with “SET UP” option indicates that everything there is marked green and it is ready to be monetized and earn money on Facebook through In-Stream-Ads.

Types Of Facebook Monetization in Nigeria

There is about 5 different monetizatiøn alternatives for Nigerians

All ads page screenshot

The first type of Fb monetizatiōn that is available for content creators in Nigeria is the “Ads on Reels”, the second is “Bonuses”, followed by “Live Ads”, In-stream and “Audience Subscriptions”.

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As a determined person that want to go into the business of content making and using Facebook to make money online, you are at your liberty to choose which option best suit your choice to start earning on Facebook.

The question is; How Can I Get All These Criteria Complete in one day?

The answer is; contact Galant-Media via WhatsApp +234-8135-796371, they’ll give you a page (if you don’t have any) and fix up everything for you in 24 to 72 hours time so that you can cash out on Facebook without wasting time.

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