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17 Online Business That Pays Daily In Nigeria (With their Guides)

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At the moment, the Nigerian economy is very harsh, having an online business or any form of business running should be a no brainier, it’s best if everyone should at least have something doing or something that supplements their current income.

With that being said, the list below contains 17 online businesses and their guides that you can start today to make daily, weekly or monthly income from the comfort of any where you are.

17 Online Business That Pays Daily In Nigeria and guides on how to start them

Facebook Video content creation & Monetization

Video content creation on Facebook has become increasingly popular in Nigeria, this is a business that depending on the kind of content you create, you don’t really need much tools to start it , just a smartphone camera and some basic video editing skills, which can be learnt with free guides on YouTube.

If you’re thinking of a business that will pay daily, then video content creation on Facebook should be one of the business you should consider.

How do you make money from your Facebook videos?

There are different ways you can monetize your video content and make money off it, they include:

  • Monetizing your videos using Facebook Monetization tools, like stars, Ads on reels, bonus, in-stream ads and  live ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing: this involves promoting affiliate offers to your audience (the people that watches your videos), there are so many affiliate and referral programs available today, some of them include 1Xbet affiliate, Jumia affiliate, Konga Affiliate, Opay referral, Palmpay referral and so many others, just check the one related to your niche and use.
  • Selling your own products or creation: Once you’ve garnered plenty of loyal following, you can sell them your courses, that thing that you know how to do best and you believe others will benefit from the knowledge, create it as a course, be it video, pdf or audio and sell it to your audience.
  • Get paid promotions: Once your page has much followers, many brands will start reaching out to you, for you to promote their products to your audience and this is where you charge them.
  • There are other ways to make daily income from your Facebook video content page, just take the above as the most common ones and they’re the ones you’ll probably use to make money.

For a complete guide on this, see how to start video content on Facebook in Nigeria and monetize it.  

Crypto AMA Farming

This business is best for crypto enthusiasts, this is like selling your time & knowledge for money, what this is all about is that you look for crypto ask me anything (AMA) on twitter, submit your questions, if your question get picked, you receive a share of the prize pool, mostly $5,000 to be shared among few people, so you can make $50 per AMA, as simple as that.

How To Start:

  • This business requires no investment to start.
  • To make this easier you may want to follow a lot of crypto currency accounts on twitter.
  • You first start by going to your twitter app, then searching for “AMA today crypto”.
  • The results will be displayed showing some crypto projects that will host an AMA event in the future, click on each project post one after the other, they usually give a form for people to submit questions before the AMA date, follow this form and submit your questions.
  • Make sure your questions are as good as possible to stand a chance of being selected.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • To start this business you need some knowledge of crypto, and thank God there are free materials and websites avaliable, and you don’t have to learn about every project & coin, for each project you can just type in, “Learn everything about project name”, and you’ll get free resources to learn about that particular project. E g “Learn everything about Near protocol”.
  • You can also use chatgpt to generate generic questions and send the one you see as high value, your prompt should be like this “I need 25 solid questions to ask a crypto project development team, make them technical and insightful”.


Blogging is a business that has been highly recommended by many people, i have no problem with that since it is a business that has the potential to print thousands of dollars in monthly income.

What people those recommending this online business don’t disclose is that if you’re to make it in blogging, especially in 2023 and beyond you need to, focus most of your time on it, invest heavily in doing keyword research and writing great informational contents that people are looking for, you have to do website optimization, all these will cost some money especially if you’re a beginner and don’t really know your way around, you’ll have to pay someone that knows it to set these things up for you.

Still if you have some cash to invest and you’re ready to learn and dedicate your time then Blogging is absolutely an online business that pays daily and you’ll be seeing the money read on your ads account in real time.

How to start:

  • Starting blogging business needs some money in other to acquire hosting and domain, that’s what you need to start a blog, every other things aren’t compulsory but are still needed to build a great blog.
  • Purchase of hosting and domain will cost around $40, that’s for a low cost hosting plan.
  • If you have that, then you can learn how to start and earn from a blog here.


Knowledge acquisition:

  • If you’re a noob, starting a blog that makes money in 2023 is something that’s hard to achieve and the best is if you have a mentor or coach that will guide you through it till you can continue by yourself.


One of the best online business that pays daily is Freelancing, this simply means utilizing your skills in writing, graphic design, programming, digital marketing and numerous other fields on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find clients and offer your services.

Freelancing business requires you to posses the knowledge of the service you want to offer and also posses a good portfolio, for example you’re offering brand design services, you should be good at graphics design, creative design, user interface design and other related areas.

Also, apart from possession of knowledge, you can as well get jobs for someone that is good in that field, the person will have to deliver the work on time, then payment will be made, you should have discussed in advance how the money will be shared with the person doing the job, so you now act like a proxy.

How To Start:

  • To start freelancing, you can use these platforms: Facebook, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Instagram, you can also do cold pitching by sending emails and DM to people and companies you think will need your services.b
  • Although facebook & Instagram are not really freelancing websites, i included them because it’s easier to get started with them and they provide many opportunities for beginner freelancers to land their first gig, you should see this guide on how to use Facebook to get new gigs as a freelancer.
  • If you are new to the platforms i listed above, a quick search on google will help with further details on how to use them to start your freelancing journey.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • As i said earlier, you need a good knowledge of the service you’re offering as a freelancer.
  • If you think your knowledge is not good enough, then its probably not. There are always ways you could improve, these includes taking online courses, classes, free lessons and mentorship programs.
  • Some free resources for soft skills acquisition include: Learn with google , Coursera free courses , Udemy free online courses, there are others so make out time to check them, use google search to browse these courses.
  • Apart from free courses, you should look at purchasing paid courses, Udemy as well as Coursera has courses for most skills you’ll think of and they are not costly to acquire, remember that you need knowledge to make money online, so you have to look at them like an investment.

Course Reseller Business

This is an online business that pays in Nigeria, the idea here is that you look for both free and paid courses that offers value and resell them at any price you feel is appropriate. There are many stuffs like this and alot of people are making money on social media primarily using this strategy. There are also many course creators that permit reselling of their course for a commission, so this is a popular business strategy.

How To Start:

  • Starting this online business doesn’t require a lot of technical know how, but knowing how to run marketing campaigns will help a lot.
  • You start by first getting your hands on the course you wish to sell, then you set-up your social media account in a way that shows you know in depth about that topic, you can do this by creating series of posts about the product.
  • Then you share the product, as your creation, or as a course you bought that helped you alot, sales maybe slow but worry not, prospects will start showing interest at you go on.
  • Another way to get sales is creating a landing page using a platform like and promoting the courses offered by them, they currently have about 8 courses that you can promote and earn commissions, you can use facebook advertising for this, please make sure you’re good at doing facebook advertising in other not to waste money.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • As i said earlier this business doesn’t require much knowledge, just great marketing & sales skills, if you don’t posses that, you may consider collaborating with someone that does.

Growing & Selling Social Media Accounts

This is a high profit business, the idea is all about creating and growing social media accounts and later selling them off for money, so there’s no prior investment, which means it’s just your time, effort and social media skills that is needed to make it work.

How To Start:

  • To start this lucrative business, you need to be very active on social media, of course that’s obvious.
  • You should look to create accounts on trendy niches or niches with high interactions like a fan page of a popular celebrity or a meme page, it’s niches like this that will get you maximum followers in a short period of time.
  • Now you have to grow the account steadily and consistently, make sure you refrain from sharing links to websites, just focus on feeding your followers with good posts and contents.
  • Posts like historical facts, statistics, compilations as well as video and images drive more engagement especially if you’re going into entertainment niche.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • You need good communication skills, research skills, social media management skills, focus and consistency.
  • This business can be profitable if you are focused and consistently deliver great content on your pages.

Online Tutoring

If you excel in a particular subject or skill, consider becoming an online tutor, you can hold private online lessons for people of all ages and groups, no matter what you’re teaching you can achieve this. So if you’re interested in an online business that pays daily in nigeria, then you should look at this very well.

How To Start:

  • To start this business you just need to setup your classroom, a white board and a pen will be needed, or you can use an online classroom platform like google classroom and you are good to start.
  • You’ll have to make sure that any platform you’re using is easy to operate so your clients finds it easy to join the class and connect with other classmates.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • As i said earlier you have to excel in a particular skill for this business to work, so if you’re not very good at a skill, you may consider advancing it by getting a certification, learning from courses or consider getting a mentor before embarking on the journey of teaching others.

Content Writing

If you are a good content writer, you can create high-quality content for websites, blogs, or online publications and make money online. While this is not as straight forward as it sounds, you can without doubt make some money from it with the right strategies in place. Making money online daily is possible with this business.

There are many businesses looking for blog post writers, copy writers and editors and with the right portfolio and exposure you can surely land gigs.

How To Start:

  • You’ll need to posses some writing tools, not just possessing, you have to learn how to use them, tools like Grammar checker, proof reading tool, Keyword research tool, plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool, all these will come in handy.
  • To start this business, you can use freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.
  • All these are platforms that connects buyers with sellers, so you can connect with people looking for writing services.
  • You’ll have to get your CV done professionally, and your profile on any of the above platform you choose to use should be great as well, in other to attract clients, a little dishonest here and there may help in landing your first gig.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • You can improve your writing skills, by reading and writing, do this daily and you’ll see the improvements, this is how many other professional writers came through.
  • Also, you should read a few guides from good sources online, you don’t really need to pay to improve your writing skills, unless you’re looking at copywriting or some advance technical writing skills, even at that, it’s only daily practice that brings perfection.

Social Media Management

You can start a career as a social media manager for businesses and handle their online presence. Develop strategies, curate content, and engage with followers to build brand awareness and increase conversions. Your social media skills, content creation skills, management skills and common sense will be needed. This is a great career if you’re interested in an online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

How To Start:

  • To start this business, you’ll first develop your CV to match with the description of this job, make sure it’s as good as it can be. You can use this guide to learn how to write a good CV for social media management jobs.
  • Go to platforms like LinkedIn, jobberman and indeed, use the search bar and search for new listings on social media management or marketing jobs, then apply for the jobs that matches your description by submitting your resume.
  • The more jobs you apply for, the more chance you have on being hired.
  • Also optimize your LinkedIn and facebook profile to attract potential businesses that maybe interested in your services, this is very important.

Knowledge Acquisition:

Affiliate Marketing

If you have great digital marketing & networking skills, affiliate marketing is an online business you should be looking at.

The idea about this is that you’re promoting other businesses products for a commission, so for each buyer you refer to purchase a product, you get a fixed percentage of the amount the product is sold.

That’s the basic idea about affiliate marketing.

How To Start:

  • Affiliate marketing is a not very difficult business to start.
  • You start by registering with an established website that supports affiliate program.
  • Some popular affiliate in Nigeria includes Konga affiliate program, Jumia affiliate, Bet9ja affiliate, Binance affiliate
  • Choose the one that is suitable to you and register with them, get your affiliate links and start making money.
  • It’s easy to promote an affiliate link if you have a large influence on social media or a website with good monthly traffic, as this will cut the cost on paid advertising and also bank on the advantage that your audience knows you and you know with they like as well.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • Affiliate marketing requires you to posses digital skills like, marketing and networking skills.
  • This doesn’t mean, you can’t do affiliate marketing without these skills, but you’ll need them to really make money off this business.
  • This guide shows how to become an affiliate marketer in nigeria.


With someone cash, you can set up an online store without inventory by partnering with suppliers who handle the shipping process. Dropshipping is an online venture that works like E-commerce with the only difference being that you don’t stock or own the products you sell, instead you sell other stores product in your digital store. When a buyer purchase a product, the details are automatically sent to the store warehouse owner and they take care of the shipping.

How To Start:

  • Starting a dropshipping business requires some initial investment and a knowledge of setting up an online shop.
  • With platforms like shopify & WordPress woocommerce you can setup your online shop and start selling.
  • Once your shop is up and running, you’ll have to create a facebook & instagram account that you’ll be using to advertise the products in your store, because customers won’t fall from heaven to your store 😬.
  • Then you have to employ a content creator to create contents and review about product you think will attract most buyers, then push the content either by paid advertising or organically using reels and short videos.

Knowledge Acquisition:

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Open a Youtube channel

It’s no longer news that you can make money online daily running a niche youtube channel. If you have a good niche, you can start creating good contents around that and once you reach the monetization threshold, you start making money off your channel.

Youtube channel is one the the best online business that pays handsomely if you run it well, by running it well i mean, delivering good, timely contents that your viewers and subscribers are interested in and are looking for.

How To Start:

  • There are no requirements for opening a Youtube channel, but you have to reach the threshold of 500 subscribers & 3,000 video watch hours to start earning money from your channel.
  • Depending on the type of videos you’ll be creating, You’ll need equipments like a good video camera phone with optical image stabilization, microphone, video editing application, ring light etc.
  • Remember i said depending on the type of videos, so you may not need some of these equipment if you’re running a faceless youtube channel for example.

Business Knowledge:

  • Starting a Youtube channel doesn’t require loads of knowledge, this guide on how to start and and monetize a youtube channel should be enough to start this journey.

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Online Language Instructor

As an online language tutor, you can teach English or any other language you’re proficient in, you can teach languages like french, igbo, hausa, yoruba, efik, ibibio etc.

You can teach on online platform’s ike italki or verbling and or you can create your classes and upload to google drive, then, create a group and then share your folder to this group. So anytime someone pays for your language course, you add the person to the group and send him/her the link. This a solid online business that pays daily for people that master a given language.

How To Start:

  • Starting this online business needs equipments.
  • You’ll need a classroom and a white board, a good video recorder, and a computer or smartphone to to access online teaching platforms or a google drive accounts to upload your courses.
  • Register on platforms like preeply or google classroom.
  • Upload your course materials & start making money.
  • You’ll also need to create a social media account, where you can be sharing free tips and lessons in other to market your course to a wider audience.

Knowledge Acquisition:

E-commerce Store

Start your own e-commerce business by selling products online. Research popular niches, set up a store with popular e-commerce platforms like Jumia & Konga and market your products through social media and online advertising.

This is a real business that pays daily, but needs substantial investment to get it running.

Investment in the part that you’ll have to import the products you’ll sell from a manufacturer using platforms like Alibaba, Made-In-China, 1688 and stock them in your warehouse.

How To Start:

  • Starting an E-commerce business requires substantial investments and technical know how and may not be profitable.
  • That’s why I recommend starting with established platforms like konga and Jumia to gain some knowledge on how it works before you think of operating an independent e-commerce website.
  • To start this, you’ll need a smartphone to register on these platforms.
  • Here’s a guide on how to register and start selling on Jumia.
  • Here’s a guide to register and start selling on konga.
  • Make sure to price your products such that there’s profit after commissions and VATs charges by the platform you choose to use.
  • Remember that you will have to run online advertising to also promote your products in addition to the free promotion from Jumia & konga.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • You’ll need some digital marketing training in other to effectively run advertising for your shop.
  • You maybe unable to do it properly, so you may want to outsource it to a competent digital marketing professional.
  • Make sure you read and understand the commission, VATs and other rates that the platform you choose charges, as this will help to make informed decisions on the kinds of products you stock & your marketing strategies.

Graphic Design

If you have graphic design skills, you can use your creativity to provide graphic design services to individuals or businesses.

Design logos, social media graphics, or promotional materials and market your skills on platforms like instagram & facebook using short videos & reels, you can also create a course and sell on platforms like, if you’re a graphic designer and thinking of making money online this is a great skill you’re sitting on.

How To Start:

  • Graphic design business needs two main equipments to start.
  • That’s a laptop & a smartphone and a good power supply.
  • You’ll need to setup your social media account in a way that promotes your expertise so potential customers won’t have an issue finding you.
  • Use short videos, reels and other avaliable ways to stay relevant & stay ahead of competition.
  • Offer graphic design services on Freelancing websites like Fiverr & Upwork.
  • Sell premium graphics design templates on sites like creative market, shutterstock, canva etc.

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • Not much knowledge is needed here.
  • The main thing here is your graphics design skill.
  • A little knowledge on content creation would help too.
  • With a smartphone and access to the internet you can achieve the rest.

Cryptocurrency Trading

If you’re skilled in cryptocurrency trading, engage in online crypto trading by learning about the market and making informed investment decisions. Remember that crypto currency trading is risky and should only be done after due diligence.

platforms like Binance allows Nigerians to trade cryptocurrency easily using either spot, peer to peer or a more advanced derivatives trading ptoduct.

If you’re really good at technical analysis, you can also call and sell signals to other traders for money, this is a lucrative online business that pays daily, but thread with caution.

How To Start:

  • Cryptocurrency trading is easy to start.
  • All You need is a smartphone with internet connection.
  • You start by downloading the Binance mobile app.
  • Completing the registration and you are on your way to trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Why i’m recommending Binance is because it is one of if not the best and most trusted exchange.
Remember that cryptocurrency trading is very risky and we don't give trading advise here, this is just an informational content and you may discard it. 

Knowledge Acquisition:

Online Gaming and Streaming

If you’re passionate about gaming, consider streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch, Facebook or YouTube Gaming. Earn money through donations, sponsorships, or ad revenue. Many people have been using this idea to make money as far back as they started existing some years ago.

If you are a gamer and wish to make money online daily, then this business idea is highly recommended.

What’s better than entertaining yourself and earning from it at the same time? Not much right??

This business requires some amount of investment and some technical know how to setup the gaming platform and connecting it to your preferred social media platform, but once you get it running, that’s it.

How To Start:

  • To start online game streaming business, you’ll need to have some equipments avaliable.
  • If you’re streaming from a computer, you’ll need the following equipments to start streaming.
  • A strong computer that is able to pull off the load from both video games and live streaming.
  • A stable and fast internet connection.
  • A webcam with a built-in microphone.
  • A streaming software.
  • if you’re streaming from a smartphone, you’ll need an application that will perform the streaming to either facebook or youtube.

Knowledge Acquisition:

More online business that pays

  • Create a niche blog: if you have some money to spare to get an active social media profile (like a facebook page or group), you can create a niche blog and monetize with Google Adsense or other ads network like Adsterra, mgid, adskeeper and the likes. You’ll need the social media profiles to drive traffic(reader’s) to your new niche blog if you’re to make money daily.
  • Virtual assistant: they’re people looking for who can do small jobs like commenting on post, replying to comments, downloading videos to computer, doing simple microsoft office tasks. All you need to do is find these kind of people, they’re on twitter, Upwork and other freelance platforms.
  • Resell something: This entails selling services or products that will be fulfilled by someone else, for example someone is offering SMM panel services, you can act like the owner, get the jobs, then send to the actual person that will do the service, you’re just a middle man here. If the price of what you resell is $10, put a higher price like $12+, people will still buy, remember what’s on top is your profit.
  • Build Social media profile: build your social media profile around a particular niche market and sell something to your audience/followers. This one needs work, but if executed can bring a lot of benefits along the way. There are some expert’s teaching social media growth hacking, you can try and get a course that teaches this in detail.
  • Tutor kids online: if you’re good at some subjects, you can teach kids online and make money. Depending on your marketing and professionalism, you can get access to parents willing to pay good money for their kids to learn. Setting up the platform to make this happen is something you’ll need to do some research on.
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Ways to Make Money Online Daily With or Without Investment

By doing one or all of the following:

Selling your knowledge: By selling your knowledge, you are running a business that people pay to access your expert ideas, advise, lessons etc. This include offering online lessons, starting a paid podcast, selling a course online.

Offering a service: By this you’re offering a service in exchange for money, example include offering freelance services, web design services to business, Social Media management to business e.t.c.

Selling physical products: This include selling physical products online, you can sell anything online, it doesn’t have to belong to you, so far you can waybill it to a buyer, and also, you don’t need to own a product to sell.

Selling your time for Money: You can sell your time for money, how? This include doing micro tasks on online platforms, joining crypto AMA and answering questions, looking for giveaways on social media.

Utilizing your skills: By this, you are using your skills to make money, example betting skills to make money on betting websites, Crypto trading skills to trade cryptocurrency and so on.


As a Nigerian, having an online business is a great idea and it’s something that can potentially earn you a living

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or create a full-time online business, the options are there to choose from.

Explore the 17+ online businesses mentioned above, find the one that aligns with your skills and interests, apply the guide found on our homepage on how to start an online business to start yours.

Good luck!

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