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How to start an online business and make money off it.

NOTE: Online business AND NOT get rich quick scheme!.


Incomeislife was created to help everybody, especially the broke to learn how to make/earn money whether online or offline.

So you have seen people make money, drive fancy cars, build houses and live the life of their dreams, but here’s you, broke and nothing to show for.

I’ll show you a little thing,

The formula of making money via online business route,

Here’s it, Good product + Great marketing = Money.

That’s all you need to make money via the online business route, a good product and a great marketing and sales strategy.

Everyone that have made money followed this route.

Still don’t believe me?

Let me show you something.

Lets look at a freelancer graphics designer making money online by doing temporary jobs. Analyzing carefully, you can see that by having a product, which is his/her graphics design skill as well as his/her marketing skills (this includes promoting their skills on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Facebook profile etc), he/she has been able to monetize their skills, by promoting it on several platforms and thereby winning gigs, interviews and jobs.

So if you look at that formula above, you can see that graphics design skills = [PRODUCT] and Fiverr, Upwork, Facebook profile = [MARKETING STREAMS]


A comedian/skit maker making money on any social media platform achieved that by having a great product which is his comedy videos, as well as his social media account/page which acts directly as the marketing platform.

He put in the hard work to market, promote, share his videos until social media algorithms started favouring him and showed his videos to a large audience.

All these means that you should see anything you do as a product, and a great product when promoted will automatically attract buyers.

√ See your skills as a product, get very good at it and offer services to people, your skills is your only hope of making money online, if you don’t have any, get one now, I mean get up and start learning now!!!.

√ Ask yourself, if you were an employer and wanted someone to do a job for you, probably in the same field as yours, would you trust someone with the skill level as yours to deliver the job, or would you be skeptical and choose a more skilled person? .

√ Are you a vlogger? Look at your videos as your products, ask yourself if your videos was someone else’s, would you enjoy watching them, or would you skip them at sight?

√ Spend the right amount of time to improve your skills/whatever product you’re selling, don’t be in a hurry and rush over it, take your time and aim high, don’t aim for absolute perfection, it’s most times unattainable, just aim for the utmost top, that’s where you’ll start seeing the progress & money coming in.


What do i mean by winning method? what i mean by that is that you learn from successful people. In whatever business or field you find yourself, there are people who have been there before you and have attained success. follow them, learn from them, observe what they do and how they run their business, read their guides, ask questions, if possible get in touch with them and see if you can get mentorship from them.

With these, you’ll increase the chances of success while keep chances of failure low.


Most importantly always seek knowledge, this is the only way you can progress in anything you do, Always take out time to learn new things, new trends, tactics, marketing strategies etc. take out time to analyze things, learn from mistakes, where you don’t understand something, ask questions from online communities related to your field, don’t keep mute and try to fix what you don’t even understand. It’s perfectly okay to seek help, no man is an island.


Then painful truth about any business is that, you cant make money if you dont put in the effort to market & promote what you sell, in more simpler terms, this means that no matter how good your skills or the product you sell are, you won’t make a dime without great marketing & promotion strategies, so always try different marketing tactics, be it paid social media ads, celebrity shout-out, running contests, promotional campaigns etc.

Learn how to execute great social media ads that convert, and if that’s beyond your skill level, pay an expert for the service, see it as investment instead of expenses.

Remember that your web design skill, your web development skill, graphics design skill, content creation skill won’t get you a job and won’t make you money if you don’t get out there and tell the world that this is what you do and this is who I am.

Build a personal brand for yourself, that’s the first step at greatness.


When starting a new business online, be it blogging, vlogging, social media influencing or skills based services, you have to be patient as things doesn’t really work out the way we expect at the beginning, be prepared to make changes, be prepared for change of strategies, and even failure, But at the end of the day if you give it time and follow a winning method, see it as work in progress and don’t panic or rush over little setbacks, you’ll see yourself at the top, just like those you idolise.


Now what if you don’t have any skill?, but you want to start an online business? it’s fine, it’s okay, you can still make money by promoting other people’s product and this is the simplest of all as you’re now only focused on the marketing part.

So you’re asking yourself right now, how can I promote and sell other people’s product? Well that’s where affiliate marketing & dropshipping comes in.

Affiliate Marketing & dropshipping are businesses you can start today and start making money without creating your own product.

So you may be asking yourself how can i make money with affiliate marketing? well, that’s where great Marketing comes in, your marketing must be wonderful and superb, your sales copy, everything you write must convince people to take action and buy whatever product you’re promoting.

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What about dropshipping?, Ok, dropshipping involves selling physical products that belongs to other people without actually using your money to buy the product in the first place, you only buy when you’ve made a sale. Keep reading you’ll get it.

If you don’t have money to stock up a product or import a product, you can “dropship it” (By doing local sourcing)

you can either choose to buy it from a supplier demanding a lower price and sell it for a higher price, but then you’ll have to include delivery fees and other minor expenses.⁣

How this works is:

✓ Identify a product for sell letsale’s say at a price of N6k⁣ each.
✓Advertise it for N10k (+ delivery fee)⁣.
✓ Get a buyer and then you pay your supplier N6k. ⁣
✓ Get the product and ship it to your customer which might cost any amount to deliver.⁣
✓ Pocket your profits.

Or you can do it this way:

Look for a vendor, and discuss the amount of commission you get for each sale you make for them.
⁣With this, the vendor takes care of the delivery fee, while what you’re interested in is your commission.⁣

So let’s say a product is N10k,

✓ You advertise it for N11k, you’ve pocket an initial N1k first.⁣
✓ Get an order, then send the details to your vendor, including the N10k payment.
✓ The vendor delivers and then pays you your commission as agreed.

Now congratulations for reading this, it’s time to take action.

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