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19 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Girl Students In Nigeria

Lilremedy James

Looking at starting a business in school?, If yes, then below is a run down of small businesses I believe can be a good fit for female students.

You just have to choose one and focus your energy on it, given time, it will start bringing in the money.

Read on.

Become a Makeup Artist

Credit: Facebook / Empress Eyo

As a female student, If you have a passion for makeup, turn it into a business venture. Invest time in learning the art of makeup application and also stay updated on the latest trends. Many events, from weddings, college functions to social gatherings present opportunities to offer your makeup services, this is a popular business among female students in school communities.

Learning this art is actually not time consuming, you just have to pay and learn from a professional, it maybe a follow student, someone close by in the school community or you can even take online classes.

For offline learning, you’ll have to agree on the days that you’ll be having the tutorials and keep to the schedule, if you set your priorities straight, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving you goal of a profitable business with this.

Learn CV Writing and Offer Services to Job Seekers

As a college student, you understand the importance of a well-crafted CV in the competitive job market, if you don’t then you should look it up.

All you need to start this business is acquiring the skill of CV writing, this should take less than a month to get it right depending on how serious you are.

As you become good you can start offering your services to job seekers. Many individuals struggle to showcase their skills effectively on paper, and your expertise can make a significant impact.

If you lack this skill but are eager to acquire it, there are both free and paid tutorials on CV writing. Consider enrolling in a course, mastering the art, and then offering your services.

Learn Social Media Management and Offer Your Services

In this digital age, social media has become powerful tool for both businesses and individuals looking to build a brand online, with this, you can harness its potential to make a good income generating business for yourself.

Equip yourself with the skills of social media management, learn and understand how the various Social media platforms works, learn content creation and marketing, learn scheduling, setting up live video streaming and other important aspects of media management.

Many businesses seek assistance in managing their online presence, if you are good and have a good platform that showcases that you posses this skill, then getting a job becomes as easy as ABC.

Assemble a Team and Offer Ushering Services

Credit: Facebook / Bella Akpan / Valere Agency

As a female student, you can empower yourself by building a team and providing ushering services for events.

Although college life can be hectic, if you enjoy coordinating and managing tasks, this business idea might be a perfect fit.

As the coordinator, all you need to start is gather a group of like-minded individuals, market your services locally, and offer a professional touch to events in your campus, community or even more distant places.

That picture above is an example of student ushers, so it’s feasible and possible to do.

Freelance Writing & Editing

Credit: wayhomestudio on Freepik

If you like internet researching and writing , consider venturing into freelance writing and editing. Numerous online platforms connect writers with businesses and individuals seeking quality content, some of them include, Fiverr, Upwork and peopleperhour.

You can contribute articles, blog posts, or even help polish written material (proofreading). This flexible option allows you to hone your writing skills while earning money.

It’s a fantastic way to balance academics with a rewarding side hustle.

Start a YouTube Channel with Tutorials or Reviews

The world of content creation is currently booming, and youtube provides an avenue to start your journey and make money as you progress.

Whether you have a knack for makeup tutorials, tech reviews, or DIY crafting, etc, there’s always an audience waiting to connect with you. Share your knowledge and experiences by creating engaging and informative videos.

Focus on the value that you can deliver and answer people’s questions on your videos, given time and consistency, you can monetize and start making money from your channel.

Become a Jumia Jforce agent

Jforce is the sales agent platform of Jumia, with this, interested people can register and start making money simply by helping people order stuffs on the Jumia e-commerce website.

You can become a Jumia sales consultant and start your own business.

Promote products to your friends, audience and colleagues and earn commissions for every sale. It’s an easy way to make money while you’re studying, and your time investment can quickly grow into a successful business, this article shows you how to register and become a Jumia Jforce Agent.

Become a perfume vendor & marketer

The fragrance industry is booming, and you can be part of it. Invest in a variety of quality perfumes and become a perfume vendor. Start by selling to friends, course mates, fellow students and family, and gradually expand your customer base.

Make good use of social media platforms to market your business, platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp can help you reach a wider audience. You have to be agressive in your marketing tactics, do it like no man’s business, and before you know people will start trusting and buying your products.

Remain consistent and you’ll secure loyal customers who will always buy from you.

Start data bundles reselling business

In a world that everything has been taken online to the internet, selling data bundles is a lucrative venture.

Utilize your capital to purchase data bundles in bulk from reliable providers like MTN SME bundles, or register on data reselling platforms like clubkonnect or You can then resell them to people close to you, like your course mates or fellow students.

Combining proper strategies, such as creating affordable packages and offering reliable service, you can quickly build a customer base.

Grow and Monetize a TikTok Account

In the age of social media, creativity knows no bounds. Leverage the popularity of TikTok to turn your passion for content creation into a profitable endeavor. Share your unique talents, which can be dance, comedy, pranks, or informative snippets.

As your follower base grows, you can start receiving gifts from your followers on live videos as well as advertise for Individuals and businesses and earn money.

Produce and sell snacks like chin chin, chips, and peanuts burgers

Consider tapping into the thriving snack market by producing and selling popular treats like chin chin,.chips and peanuts burgers. These snacks have a widespread appeal and can be made with relatively simple ingredients.

You can start small, perhaps by selling to fellow students on campus or local communities. Building a customer base through word-of-mouth can be a gradual yet effective approach.

To keep people coming back, make sure your snacks taste good and not too expensive, that’s the way to go.

Tigernut drink business

One of the best business you can start as a girl student in Nigeria is the tigernut drink business, the reason being that it doesn’t require much professionalism to start and you’ll see you profit every day, it’s also great for busy students that don’t have much time to spare.

To make it in this business, what you need most is an audience, a place you can supply your tigernut drink to make quick sells. Places you can target include: teaching hospitals, higher institutions and secondary schools.

As a student what you’ll want is a place you can keep it for someone to sell for you while you’re in school, I would recommend you target school cafeterias and discuss with one of the managers.

Cook and do home delivery of food to other students

If you’re a good cook, you can leverage your culinary skills by offering home-cooked meals with a delivery service aimed at other students. Many students appreciate the convenience of having delicious, home-cooked food delivered to their doorstep.

Focus on providing affordable, nutritious options to meet the needs of your target audience. Social media platforms or local bulletin boards across the school premises can be great channels for promoting your food service.

Point of sales (POS) Business

POS business is probably the easiest to start in all the business as you don’t need any skill, what you need is just a good location that you can stay and be doing your business after lectures.

The cost of acquiring a good POS machine in Nigeria currently is around 20-25k Naira.

The startup capital to fund the business can be gotten from a bank, but you’ll need to get their POS machine as well and actually use it. that’s how most people started, and be paying small amount of intrest to the bank while you’re doing the business till you can stand on your own.

To make this business easier for you, if you can raise some money, you can employ a trusted person to be looking at it for you when you’re in school or busy.

Learn and master facebook advertising and offer it as a service

In the digital age, businesses are always in need of effective online promotion.

Invest time in learning and mastering Facebook advertising, a skill that’s in high demand.

Once you’ve honed your expertise, offer your services to local businesses or entrepreneurs looking to enhance their online presence.

Invest some money towards online courses, tools, and initial marketing efforts to establish your presence and portfolio while hunting for your first clients.

Become a Part-Time Bar Attendant

If you’re social and enjoy working in vibrant atmospheres, working as a part-time bar attendant could be a great fit.

Many events and parties happens in bar’s around college campuses, providing ample opportunities to serve drinks and engage with people.

Most also agree for students to work on part time bases, so you can still go to school and work during the evening hours when bar’s are normally active

Writing of term paper & Assignments

Credit: wayhomestudio on Freepik

If you have strong writing and research skills, offering assistance with term papers and assignments can be a valuable service on campus and can make you a lot of money.

You start by creating of flyers and spreading the word among fellow students about your writing assistance services.

Determine your rates based on the complexity and length of the assignments. Ensure your prices are competitive within the campus market.

Write well-researched, original papers that meet the requirements and guidelines provided by the students. Maintain deadlines and communicate effectively.

Sell Okirika Clothes

If you have an eye for fashion, consider starting an Okirika clothes business. College students often appreciate budget-friendly and stylish options. You can source trendy clothes, accessories, and even vintage items to sell to your peers.

You can easily start this business if you have the budget in place, sourcing for good products can be achieved by getting close to people in this business and asking for insights on where to buy quality products.

Offer Event Planning and decoration Services

If you’re great at thinking outside the box and have an eye for design, you can start a side hustle by offering event planning and decorating services, this can be a great way to make some extra cash as a student entrepreneur.

Events you can work on include birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, church programs, school programs etc. people are always looking for someone who can help make their event stand out and be remembered.

Use your creativity and attention to detail to plan and decorate events, this can be a business that earn you enough money to take care of yourself while in school.

Rounding Up

These small business ideas cater specifically to Nigerian girl students, of all the businesses I’ve listed above, you just have to pick one and go fully into it.

If you’re interested in a particular business but you don’t know much about it, then it’s best for you to learn it from a professional and get the skill so you can offer your services.

As we always advise at Incomeislife, the key to being successful is to find a business that aligns with your interests and complements your academic commitments, some of these businesses won’t be fit for you, so take time and select the one you know you’ll be interested in pursuing, even after leaving school.

Good luck, and make sure you copy this post and share the link with your friends on social media.

If there’s anything you would love to ask, drop a comment using the comment box below.

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