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15 Great Business You Can Start With 30k As A Student In Nigeria

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Business Ideas for Nigerian Students: Start a Thriving Venture with 30k Naira

Being a student in Nigeria often comes with financial constraints, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go into entrepreneurship.

In this article, we will explore some compelling business ideas that require minimal investment and offer great potential for success. So, if you’re eager to supplement your income and gain valuable experience, read on to discover the lucrative business opportunities available to you as a Nigerian student.


What Business Can I Start With 30k As A Student In Nigeria?

With just 30,000 Naira, there are numerous business opportunities that you can explore and build a profitable venture right from your campus.


1. Liquid cleaning soap business

Starting a liquid cleaning soap business can be a lucrative venture, especially on a university campus where there is a high demand for such products. This is a business you can start with 30k – 50k Naira as a student.

You start this business by sourcing for the raw materials needed to start this business, some of them include base, salt, booster, thickener, Glycerin, color, water, perfume and preservatives, all these can be gotten for 30k to 50k Naira.

This great youtube video shows how prepare liquid soap.

After this, you need to get a brand logo, print label and get a few containers and stamp the label, this is for a start.

Then start promoting your liquid soap, tell your fellow students, post in your school facebook and whatsapp group and also post on your facebook account for a more wider audience.

Viola! You’re now a business owner.

2. Mobile food business

If you are a good cook then mobile food business is one of the best business to start with 30k as a student in Nigeria, This busines is not very easy to do, so you should have someone to help you in doing some stuffs.

With 30k Naira, you can get a quarter bag of rice and the ingredients needed to prepare it. Why I say rice is that it will be easy to sell and it’s always advisable to start with one food and hear the feedback from customers.

Then you’ll need to buy disposable plates, and dish the food well. From what I observed back when I was in school, you price your food depending on how thick it is and also consider your potential customers if they can afford your price, if not you’ll have to adjust.

Then the delivery will be done by you, make sure you inform your customers about delivery fees, if you’ll charge one.

Lastly, advertise your new food business, use school facebook group, school WhatsApp group and your personal whatsapp and facebook account to get buyers.

This business is can be profitable if done well.

3. Oil perfume business

Selling of oil perfume can be a good business that you can start with 30k as a student on campus, this business doesn’t require much technical know how, what you need is good advertising skills and you’ll become a successful.

To start this business, I will recommend you partner with an oil perfume manufacturer plug and get supplies for 30k Naira or more then promote and sell, This method is easy considering that this business needs some professionalism to produce the best perfume. Then with time you can learn how it’s being produced and start producing them yourself.

4. Tigernut drink business

One of the best business you can start with 30k as a student in Nigeria is tiger nut drink business, the reason being that it doesn’t require much professionalism to start and you’ll see you profit every day, it’s also great for busy students that don’t have much time to spare and also tiger nut drink ingredients will cost less than 30k Naira to acquire.

To make it in this business, what you need most is an audience, a place you can supply your tigernut drink to make quick sells. Places you can target include: teaching hospitals, higher institutions and secondary schools.

As a student what you’ll want is a place you can keep it for someone to sell for you while you’re in school, I would recommend you target school cafeterias and discuss with one of the managers.

This video teaches how to prepare sweet tigernut drinks.

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5. Cryptocurrency trading

For the more tech inclined students, cryptocurrency trading is a very good business to start with 30k, reason being that you can do it at the comfort of your home or anywhere on school, all it requires is your trading skills which you can build by attending cryptocurrency tutoring as well as taking paid classes.

With 30k Naira you can start trading, just make sure that you have legitimate sources of trading signals and you are good to go.

Always remember that cryptocurrency is risky, so only risk what you can afford to let go.

6. Snack business

Another greatest of all times business idea to start with 30k as a student is snack business, why I said greatest of all times is that this business is very popular among students, infact when i was in school many of my classmates usually ran this business, why this business is great for students is that it is easy to start, it needs just a little training and effort to kickstart it.

With as little as 30k Naira, you can procure the ingredients needed to make different kinds of snacks including doughnuts, peanuts snacks, short cake and buns.

7. Mobile beauty salon

This business is for female students, with 30k Naira you can start a mobile beauty salon business, what this means is that you don’t have to rent a shop, you can do this business at your home or offer home services.

Equipments needed for this business can be acquired with less than 30,000 Naira.

Mobile beauty salon is good for Student that have hair dressing skills, make over skills and other beauty related skills.

If you’re a lady I strongly believe you should acquire one of these skills, as it can be a good source of income and can even be a great career path.

8. House painting

Painting business is a great business to start with 30k Naira as a student, all that is needed is your painting skills and painting tools such as brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and paint sprayers which can all be acquired for 30,000 Naira or less.

If you don’t have good painting skills, find a pro and learn, it will take just few months, probably a month or two to master it and you can start advertising your services.

Use school community groups on facebook, whatsapp as well as flyers to create awareness. Strive to deliver excellent work so you can get referrals from past clients.

9. Grow and monetize facebook page

Facebook page monetization can be a great way to make money as a student, i’m not just saying this, many students that I know are using it to make money.

What you really need to start this business is access to a good camera smartphone, which if you don’t have, you can start saving to buy one, while saving you can still be renting a good phone to do your video.

Once you have that, you can start creating video contents right from anywhere, you just have to stick to a niche while starting out, for example comedy, interviews, pranks, reactions and so on.

Once you’ve meet the monetization requirements, you can start making money off your page.

10. Grow and monetize tiktok account

Growing and monetizing a tiktok account is a great business for students.

Tiktok monetization requirements is not very hard to achieve if you’re consistent and focus on one niche, create captivating videos, use catching captions, using good hashtags, doing video Optimization, using trending sounds and being a little bit controversial will help you garner followers quickly.

Just like facebook monetization, tiktok needs a good camera smartphone as well as creative ideas and you’ll be on your way to making money soon.

11. Barbeque business

Starting a barbeque business won’t require large sum of money, what you need is a barbeque stand which will cost about 5k Naia to do a local stand, and then the remaining 20,000 Naira can go into the food you’ll be selling.

Foods that sells most in a barbeque stand include:

  • Chicken
  • plantain
  • Potato
  • fish
  • Yam

12. Fruit business

Fruit business is easy to start, if all you have is 30k , what you need is a spot in a busy environment, like school and hospitals to display your fruits. Then you can start with cheaper fruits like oranges, watermelon and cucumbers. With time you can raise money and add more fruits to attract more people to your spot.

Make sure the fruits you sell is of good quality, this is key if you want to keep customers to your spot only, as you’ll face stiff competition from other sellers.

13. Vegetable business

No matter where you live, you can start this business, but before you start making money, it will take some time.

To start this business, you’ll need a farm land, you should be looking at around 10k for a sizable land for a period of 1 year, or if you have a land, that would even be much better, you can do this business and still entrust someone to be looking at it for you.

So with 20k remaining, you can get vegetables like pumpkin, cucumber, water leaf and the rest, you plant them in large quantities and take care of them, till you start supplying them to restaurants and other places that will buy in bulk, you don’t need to go to the market to sell it.

This business is best suited for students who go to school from their parents house and have not navigated a long way from their home town.

14. Point of sales (POS) Business

POS business is probably the easiest to start in all the business as you don’t need any skill, what you need is just a good location that you can stay and be doing your business after lectures.

The cost of acquiring a good POS machine in Nigeria currently is around 20k Naira, after which the capital will now remain 10k, you can use that to settle any small place you’ll stay inside campus, that’s if you’re planning on staying in one place, you don’t want to do it in a mobile way.

Then the startup capital to fund the POS can be gotten from a bank, but you’ll need to get their POS machine as well and actually use it. that’s how most people started, and be paying small amount of intrest to the bank while you’re doing the business till you can stand on your own.

To make this business easier for you, if you can raise some money, you can employ a trusted person to be looking at it for you when you’re in school or busy.

15. Learn Copywriting and storytelling and start charging brands for services

As a student you can become a master of copywriting and storytelling to start charging brands for your worthwhile services.

If you can spend time to learn and master this skill, which the class should not cost up to 30k Naira and can be achieved with just your smartphone, you’ll be a valuable asset to brands looking to engage their customers.

Copywriting and storytelling are elements of digital marketing that will continue to remain relevant in the business sphere, notwithstanding the AI buzz, if you’re good at the two, you’ll never lack jobs.

Spend some time studying copywriting and storytelling, and you’ll see how much demand there is for your services in the business world.

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Rounding up

In conclusion, there are numerous business opportunities available to you with just 30k Naira. Despite the financial constraints that come with being a student, you have the potential to become a successful entrepreneur right from your campus. Whether it’s starting a liquid cleaning soap business, venturing into mobile food business, selling oil perfumes, or even exploring cryptocurrency trading, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, success in business requires effort, dedication, and effective advertising. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp groups, as well as your personal accounts, to reach a wider audience. Engage with your fellow students, promote your products or services, and make your presence known.

Wishing you all the success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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