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20 Great Businesses to start with N100k As a Student in Nigeria

Lilremedy James

If you’re a student in Nigeria with an entrepreneurial spirit and a budget of 100,000 Naira, there are several promising business avenues to explore. Below are 20 viable options that don’t require a hefty investment to start.

Take a 3-6 months course on Cloud computing and offer your services

In recent years majority of companies have moved their infrastructure to the cloud because of its high availability, security, scalability and cost effectiveness. Organizations need skilled architects in all areas of their cloud computing system and as such there’s much more opportunities to get into this field.

The way to get started is by investing your N100k on a good beginner to mastery cloud computing course, pplatforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud offer valuable certifications. Armed with this knowledge, you can venture into offering cloud computing services to businesses in need.

Some cloud computing courses you can consider are:

Note that as a beginner you should only choose one platform and focus your attention on it.

Take your time to learn, practice and absorb as much as possible, given the opportunities available, you should be able to land at least an internship role in a matter of 6 months.

How do you get a role? Opportunities of this kinds are available on jobs websites such as LinkedIn, indeed, glassdoor, and others.

Take a 2 months course on technical writing and offer your services

Another avenue worth exploring is a short, focused course in technical writing. With a budget-friendly investment on a very good technical writing course, you can gain essential skills to communicate complex technical information effectively.

As a technical writer, you can offer your services to companies and projects requiring clear documentation and user manuals. This skill is in high demand and spans various industries, providing you with a versatile business opportunity, that doesn’t limit you to your campus premises.

you can start with this free technical writing lessons provided by Google to gain valuable insights to what this looks like.

Get a certification on direct response copywriting and offer your services

As a student consider investing in a certification course on direct response copywriting, this is an essential skill that can help you in so many ways apart from say business point of view, acquiring this skill can open doors for you to offer your services as a copywriter.

Many businesses, both online and offline, are in constant need of compelling content that can drive customer engagement and bring sales. By honing your copywriting skills, you can provide valuable services to businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Take a 3 months course on adobe premiere pro and offer services online

If you already have a good laptop, use your N100k to enroll in a 3-month course on Adobe Premiere Pro. Video content is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for communication, both in business perspective and entertainment. Learning video editing can allow you to offer your services online as a freelance video editor.

You could work with individuals, businesses, or even content creators looking to enhance the quality of their videos. This skill can be particularly valuable in today’s digital landscape, take a look at the number of content creators in Nigeria at the moment, most of them require services of a video editor, if you’re good at it, then money will follow you.

Venture in DJ and entertainment services

If you’re a musical and entertainment kind of person you can consider going to into DJing, you can use the initial N100k to get yourself a neat Laptop that can power a DJ software.

Once you get the laptop you, can install mobile DJ and start learning how to use it immediately, there are documents and video tutorials that can help you on this.

Once you master this and know how to mix well, then you can start sourcing for gigs, you can also do your DJ mix and upload it on the internet for people to listen, by doing so you’ll get yourself a broader audience outside activities happening in normal school premises.

Buy and sell digital assets for small profits

In this digital age, the market for buying and selling digital assets is growing. Invest your 100k wisely by purchasing digital products or services at a reasonable price and selling them for a small profit.

Some digital Products that can be sold for a profit include blogs, social media accounts like facebook page, youtube channel and instagram accounts, there are people I know that are currently making a living doing this business. This is a low-risk way to enter the business world and gain valuable experience.

Take a course on dropshipping and start importing and selling stuffs from china

If you’re tech savvy and have bought something online before, be it on Jumia or foreign websites like aliexpress, then this business could actually be a good one to look into. Consider taking a course on dropshipping to delve into the world of e-commerce.

With your N100k budget, you can start importing and selling products from China. Dropshipping eliminates the need for a physical inventory, making it a cost-effective option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Research profitable niches, build an online store or forget about a store and just use a social media page to advertise your products, many people are doing it this way. Finally partner with reliable suppliers to kickstart your dropshipping venture.

Computer software troubleshooting and repairs

You can use a portion of your N100k towards learning the intricacies of computer software troubleshooting and repairs. Acquiring expertise in diagnosing and fixing software issues can position you as a go-to person for individuals facing technical challenges like operating system installations, drivers updates, virus cleansing and others.

Offer your services to fellow students, staffs or even people in the outside world, this can with time be a practical and sustainable business model.

Learn and master WordPress development and offer your services online

WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet. Learning to develop for this platform positions you as a sought-after professional. With N100k, you can access online courses, tutorials, and resources to master WordPress development without hefty expenses.

Set aside time each day to practice your skills. Building a solid foundation is crucial in mastering WordPress development.

Showcase your skills by developing a personal website. This serves as both a portfolio and a testament to your capabilities.

As you gain expertise, offer services such as website development, customization, and maintenance to local businesses and clients online.

Become a social media influencer

If you’re reading this now there’s a good chance that you’re on facebook and LinkedIn, and you must have seen people that command attention, respect and influence, they didn’t wake up one day to achieve this and they were not born with it as well, so if you’re willing and ready to go this route, you can start small, start sharing knowledge, ideas and other things that will drag people’s attention to your profile.

Invest part of your N100k to enroll in a social media growth course and if you apply what’s being tought, you’ll be on your way to becoming an influencer, it takes time and effort but the benefits are high and enormous

Focus on a niche that aligns with your interests and resonates with your target audience. As your following grows, opportunities for brand collaborations and sponsorships will arise, creating a potential source of income.

Start selling a particular fashion product like hairs & wigs, beauty lotions or make-up kits

If you’re a lady and fashion runs through your veins, consider investing in a niche like hair, wigs, beauty lotions, or makeup kits. With your N100k budget, you can source quality products and create an online presence. Connect with local suppliers, leverage social media platforms to promote your products and run advertisement.

Focus on getting the products on a cheap, this may take some time as you have to do research and you may also get closer to people already doing this business to ask for ideas, since you’re in school, they won’t see you as a direct competition and may be open to sharing some secret ideas with you.

Grow and sell parody social media accounts

As a tech savvy individual you can make maximum use of your social media time in crafting parody social media accounts. Inject humor into trending topics, and as your following grows, you sell the off and Concentrate on others.

There are people currently making a living from this, I know someone that has over 15 facebook pages, with likes and followers, take a look at this facebook group you’ll see how pages are being marketed on a daily basis. Your N100k budget can cover initial promotional efforts, helping you gain traction in the competitive world of social media.

Become a Jumia Jforce agent

Jforce is the sales agent platform of Jumia, with this, interested people can register and start making money simply by helping people order stuffs on the Jumia website.

You can become a Jumia sales consultant and start your own business. Promote products to your friends, audience and colleagues and earn commissions for every sale. It’s an easy way to make money while you’re studying, and your time investment can quickly grow into a successful business, this article shows you how to register and become a Jumia Jforce Agent.

Become a social media sensation and sell courses & affiliate products

You should know that social media is not just a place for connection anymore, you can make money creating video contents or influencing, this is the right time to embrace your social media prowess and transform it into a business opportunity. Develop engaging content be if video or text or both, build a loyal audience, and then leverage your influence to sell courses and affiliate products. Your N100k budget can be allocated for content creation tools, online course platforms like or, and initial marketing efforts.

Learn smartphone graphics design and Offer services

With just N100k or even less , you can start a Smartphone graphics design business using a user-friendly tool like Canva, if you don’t have a good smartphone, your N100k can get you one.

You can create eye-catching social media posts, design logos for small businesses, and much more.You can start by learning the basics, I recently came across this youtube tutorial that teaches this.

Once you’ve learnt and practice, you can start offering your design services. You can use your facebook or instagram account to promote your works. As time goes on you can also start teaching others and getting paid.

Become a perfume vendor & marketer

The fragrance industry is booming, and you can be part of it with just N100k. Invest in a variety of quality perfumes and become a perfume vendor. Start small, perhaps by selling to friends, course mates, fellow students and family, and gradually expand your customer base.

Make good use of social media platforms to market your business, platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp can help you reach a wider audience. You have to be agressive in your marketing tactics, do it like no man’s business, and before you know people will start trusting and buying your products.

Remain consistent and you’ll secure loyal customers who will always buy from you.

Start data bundles reselling business

In a world that everything has been taken online to the internet, selling data bundles is a lucrative venture.

Utilize your N100k to purchase data bundles in bulk from reliable providers like MTN SME bundles, or register on data reselling platforms like clubkonnect or . You can then resell them to people close to you, like your course mates or fellow students, there’s this girl on facebook that sells data, I would love you to see how she does her marketing, try and go through her timeline, you could learn from her.

Combining proper strategies, such as creating affordable packages and offering reliable service, you can quickly build a customer base. This business not only capitalizes on the essential need for data but also allows you to contribute to connectivity in your school community.

Produce and sell snacks like chin chin and peanuts burgers

Consider tapping into the thriving snack market by producing and selling popular treats like chin chin and peanuts burgers. These snacks have a widespread appeal and can be made with relatively simple ingredients.

You can start small, perhaps by selling to fellow students on campus or local communities. Building a customer base through word-of-mouth can be a gradual yet effective approach.

To keep people coming back, make sure your snacks taste good and not too expensive, that’s the way to go.

Cook and do home delivery of food to other students

If you’re a good cook, you can leverage your culinary skills by offering home-cooked meals with a delivery service aimed at other students. Many students appreciate the convenience of having delicious, home-cooked food delivered to their doorstep.

Focus on providing affordable, nutritious options to meet the needs of your target audience. Social media platforms or local bulletin boards across the school premises can be great channels for promoting your food service.

Learn and master facebook advertising and offer it as a service

In the digital age, businesses are always in need of effective online promotion. Invest time in learning and mastering Facebook advertising, a skill in high demand. Once you’ve honed your expertise, offer your services to local businesses or entrepreneurs looking to enhance their online presence. Your N100k budget can be allocated towards online courses, tools, and initial marketing efforts to establish your service.

Rounding Up

Being a student you’ll face obstacles and hiccups along the way, it’s certain to happen, you just need to look for a way that you can balance things, being able to balance your studies with your business will determine the success you’ll experience.

Apart from time management, success in any business venture often requires dedication, continuous learning, and adapting to market needs.

With thoughtful planning and strategic execution, your entrepreneurial journey as a student in Nigeria can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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