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Is Textbroker Avaliable In Nigeria?, Payment, Alternatives And News

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Given how popular digital marketing have become in recent years, the need for great written content has also increase and it’s in much demand, this have made freelancing writing platforms to pop-up in their numbers.

Textbroker, one of the freelance writing platform allows clients from Nigeria and worldwide to get high quality written content suitable for blogs, press release, news, sales copy etc., from quality writers who are vetted and ranked based on the quality of their works.

Is Textbroker Avaliable In Nigeria For Writers?

Textbroker operate on different platform for different countries, so an author from Nigeria for example must register under their Nigerian platform, same for portuguese, french, and other regions.

As at the time of writing this textbroker is currently available for the following countries: Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the Republic of Ireland and the US.

This effectively means that textbroker isn’t accepting writers or authors from Nigeria at this time.

How do I open a Textbroker account in Nigeria?

The way to do this is if you can make them believe you’re from United States, by using RDP, VPN, mobile and residential proxies etc., this is a risky process as you may loose your account if found out.

Also processes payments through payoneer, and payoneer is available for Nigerians, meaning that you can cashout your money after working hard and won’t be left hanging.

What Are Some Alternatives Of Textbroker That Work For Nigerian Writers?

There are Alternatives to textbroker that you can use and that serves the same purpose (writing content and getting paid), let’s take a look at them below.

Constant Content

Constant content is a content writing platform just like Textbroker, as a Freelance writer, you get to write for big brands, contents written here include blog Articles, product descriptions, marketing copy, press release, whitepapers, ebooks and more.

Top writers make over $90,000 per year, so if you’re good with great writing portfolio, you’ll sure make a lot of money.

Constant Content accept writers from all regions including Nigeria.

Read more about constant content.


WriterAccess is another content writing platform that operates like Textbroker, As a freelance writing, you can register using your LinkedIn account.

The application process need you to give your education experience, industry experience, published writing examples, and a resume.

Their vetting process is steep, so be sure that you’re good and have all necessary proof before applying.

They currently are accepting writers from Nigeria.

Read more about WriterAccess.


ClearVoice is another freelance writing platform that’s good for professionals, they allow you time to build your portfolio which in turn helps to land gigs.

You’re free to set your rates, and once you’ve secured work you can communicate easily with your client through chats on the website, which helps reduce emails you’ve to reply to.

Writers in Nigeria are accepted on CleearVoice.

Read more about CleearVoice


Contently is a great writing and portfolio platform for professional content writers, they gives freelance creatives the opportunity to work with top brands on high-quality projects that pay well.

If you’re very good and have many great samples to submit during the application process, you won’t have much issues getting accepted.

One good thing about contently is that as a beginner writer, you can use them as your portfolio site, and can even share your link on contently when applying for work on other websites.

Contently accepts writers from Nigeria.

Read more about contently.


Upwork needs little introduction as there are one of the biggest in the freelance space.

If you can’t get accepted to Textbroker and other platforms listed above, Upwork can be a great product platform to showcase your experience to several thousands people looking for writers of all kinds, ranging from entry level to expert.

If you can make your profile really standout with a good portfolio and samples, then it’s just a matter of time before you land your first work.

Anybody from anywhere in the world can register a free account on Upwork and start making money online with his or her writing business or portfolio.

Register a free account on Upwork.

Rounding Up

In conclusion, while Textbroker may not be available in Nigeria for writers at this moment, there are several alternatives that Nigerian writers can explore to showcase their skills and earn money through freelance writing. Constant Content, WriterAccess, CleearVoice, Contently, and Upwork are all reputable platforms that accept writers from Nigeria.


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