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20+ Facebook Video Niches With The Most Views (2024)

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Facebook, being the largest social media platform in the world, with roughly three billion monthly users have become a platform that many people can’t do without.

Video contents on the platform have seen increased engagements in recent years. Humans naturally love visuals, and coupled with the fact that video content can be monetized on the platform with the likes of live and in stream ads, it’s easy to see why creators are now creating more of it and why it’s popularity is increasing by the day.

Reels is a key part of our Discovery Engine, and Reels plays exceed 200 billion per day across Facebook and Instagram. We’re seeing good progress on Reels monetization as well, with the annual revenue run-rate across our apps now exceeding $10 billion, up from $3 billion last fall.

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As a creator or an aspiring creator, it is important to understand what a niche is and the impact it can have if chosen correctly.

What is a video niche on facebook?

A Facebook video niche is a particular topic or category on which your videos will focus. You may tailor your videos to a certain audience and boost your chances of gaining views and engagement by selecting a niche. There are numerous Facebook video niches from which to choose, but choosing to right one is critical.

Why is choosing the right niche important?

Choosing the right facebook video niche is critical for plenty of reasons.

1. Choosing a niche will help you in producing great and compelling content, reason being that when you understand your niche, you can create great and not mediocre content. If your videos doesn’t look convincing enough or makes you look like a novice, people will not watch your videos and will not trust you, therefore you’ll not get shares and likes and engagement will die off.

2. It will help you target your videos to a certain audience. Why this is important is that, people are more inclined to view videos related to their interests, not just randomly made videos on different topics. Just imagine you visit a facebook page and the videos you see there are of entirely different purpose, like sports, rap music, indian comedy and stuffs like that, there’s every possible that you won’t stay long on that page, Another way to explain this is that let’s say someone wants to view some football contents, he’s surely going to a page that posts only football, the same for someone that wants to view food and comedy, and if your page isn’t focused, no one wants to visit you.

3. Choosing a niche will help you to build a loyal following, when you create videos that are relevant to a specific topic, you will mostly attract people who are interested in that very topic, and if you continue with that topic, your audience will stick around, because they know that they’re getting what they like.

Facebook video niches with most views in 2024

  1. Entertainment
  2. Gaming
  3. Food & cooking
  4. DIY & LifeHacks
  5. Pets & Animals
  6. Sports
  7. Children videos
  8. Relationship
  9. Beauty
  10. Healthy living


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When it comes to facebook video niches with most views, entertainment videos tops the list, this is evident in the number of videos in this niche consistently topping a million views after just hours of upload.

As entertainment is a large topic, you should focus on one small niche inside it. Some of them are:

  • Pranks
  • Comedy
  • Talent show
  • Challenges
  • Music (guitar, piano, band)


In this list of facebook video niches with most views, gaming will always be among the top performers, this is a niche that has been ever present on video platforms, be it youtube or Facebook. It even has a dedicated platform that gamers can use to share their live stream and connect with other gaming enthusiasts, this makes it one of the niches with a dedicated community, with this there’s not shortage of views and engagement are always there.

Food & Cooking

Food and cooking is another topic that have made waves on facebook in recent years, Thanks to the large influx of creators who have identified it as a likable niche. Everyone including you and I loves watching cooking videos especially the ones with bizarre combinations and this is the number one reason for its popularity.

DIY / Hacks

Do it yourself is a niche that has been popular ever since on youtube before facebook videos even became a thing and till this day, it still remains a great niche for anyone looking to start making videos on facebook. If you can really show people how to do what they didn’t know how to do, how to do simple stuffs and all those things, then you can be sure that with time, views and engagement will start coming in.


Who doesn’t love cute playing innocent looking animals, this is a niche that is loved by almost everyone, people are naturally drawn to it because of the emotional attachment most have had with their pets, so coming across it on the internet, it would be very refreshing to see how cute other owners are treating theirs.


Vlogging on popular sports like football is sure to bring views, why? Because it’s a globally loved action. Sports is so popular and people will stop scrolling just to watch some of the most random football video on the internet, it’s refreshing and entertaining so surely they’ll be views.

If you’re going into sports like football, you can vlog on player and team compilations, highlights, opinions, analysis, commentary and liveblog, interviews etc.

Children videos

Children’s content is always popular on Facebook. This includes a wide range of content, such as cartoon videos, nursery rhymes, and other forms of children’s entertainment, you can do animation if you’re skilled, or you can create videos with your children, a little bit of research will help to find good niches in the children category.


People want their relationship to be successful, so if you can help them with that by dropping educative videos, then you’ll surely gather much views in less than no time.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and beauty is a popular niche on Facebook, especially among women, as they use these videos to learn about latest fashion trends, makeup tutorials, and other beauty tips. These kinds of videos have good views in general and is great for skilled individuals.

Healthy living

Facebook users, particularly women, are people mostly interested in healthy living. These videos are used by people to learn about new diets, workout routines, and other lifestyle suggestions for maintaining better lives. If you can make good videos consistently on this niche, then you’ll sure have views and grow your audience.

Other Niches include:







Tips for choosing the right facebook video Niche

  • Always choose a niche that you’re good or skilled at, as this will enable you create good and creative contents regularly.
  • If you’re on budget, choose a niche that will not be too costly to create videos consistently.
  • A niche that you’re skilled at is better than a niche that generate the highest views, even if you choose a niche that has the potential to generate millions of views in a short time, it is very possible that you may end up producing mediocre contents which will only set you up for failure.

Rounding Up

To conclude, choosing the right video niche on Facebook is crucial for success as a creator. It enables you to produce compelling content, target a specific audience, and build a loyal following. With the top 20 Facebook video niches mentioned, such as entertainment, food & cooking, DIY, pets & animals, and more, you have a wide range of options to explore. Remember, It’s most times the right choice to prioritize your skills and passion over chasing views alone if you’re aiming for long-term success.

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